Proweb POS - Accounting/Stock Business management software

This is not a sponsored post but sure this could be more than a sponsored post. So I will employ you to pay close attention as it relates to you.
Have you found yourself in a very sweaty, messy and seems like never ending situation trying to balance your account? From the daily sales, purchases, expenses? Trying to accurately figure out those who bought items on credit and those who paid cash? 
Have you ever got confused trying to figure out the last time you made purchase of a particular products and now, that product is finished but you find it difficult to know when and how you sold them even to whom you sold them?
Are you suspecting foul play from your sales agents/boys/girls? You do but you don't know to catch them or pin point how they go about their act? 
If you ever felt some or all of the above listed sceneros you only owe the truth to yourself and if you are truthful I will tell you this. Those sceneros can bring negative impact to your business which can eventually over tim…

How to get MTN Free 500MB

MTN is the largest Multinational Mobile Telecommunications Company in Nigeria and in Africa at large.
MTN offers its users free N500MB when you download the MyMTN App from playstore through a link a friend will send to you.
You can make up to 4GB data by sending link to download the MyMTN App to your friends who are yet to install the app. You receive 200MB for each friend that activates their MyMTN App through your link
See below how to send your friends links using the  MyMTN App.

Drop your number in the comment area to receive a link and enjoy free 500MB when you install the app.

Jean Shorts for Ladies

Who do you think rocked the Short Jean Best. Drop your comment. 

Jumia - Nigeria No 1 Biggest Online Shopping Mall

Jumia is almost a house hold name when it comes to shopping online. That is why I am not just a fan but a jumia J - Force agent.

Jumia is known for its large market space for almost any products in different varieties. Ranging from Electronics, Beauty Products and Groceries. Jumia offer flexible and genuine products. It's a market place that bring buyers to meet sellers controlled by one central escrow system managed by Jumia. So buyers are protected from dubious sellers.

Return of Defective Items
While Some items bought might seems substandard which is due to some sellers trying to be funny, Jumia offers you a 15 days return of defective items and full refund in their return policy. So you do not need to be scared. Jumia also follows up with a questionnaire that allows you to rate the items bought with a comment and if possible pictures so as to alert other buyers of the product genuieity.

Delivery of Items.
Jumia offers Home Delivery and Pick Up Services in almost all the 36 sta…

Image 2.0 Store - Your Unisex Store

We deal on sales of custom branded Unisex  * T-Shirts * Health Wrist Watches  * Beauty Products and  * Essential Needs Visit Our Store here

Proweb POS - A Complete Business Management App

Whether you are a small or a large scale business or company, there are ways you had wished your business operations are done

They could be in the area of

1. How to make automated sales
2. How to make automated sales with auto invoicing
3. How to check paperless

* Profit and Loss Reports
* Purchase Reports
* Sales Reports
* Invoice reports.
* Stock Reports
* Items Reports
* Credit Reports
* Invoice due report and
* Purchase due report.

 4. You could have always wanted to have your own customised system of sending

* Quotation
* Invoicing

5. Your own Customised Point Of Sale Terminal.

If your desire is to monitor your business on the go, always want to be on the know of how your business is running down to tracking stock reports, if you desire to track several Business activities on different location on one platform then you should consider Proweb POS.

Proweb POS is a business management software that gives you the freedom to take full charge and control over your Business(es). It sim…

How to Make a Career Choice

Choosing the right career goes a long way in shaping our lives and setting a good platform for achieving the set goals.

It is true that most time many of us find it difficult to choose a career or becomes confuse when the time to make a decision as to which career to choose or not. I am glad to tell you today that there are ways you can go about it without making it look stressful or being confused.

You are face with the choice of what to do or which Career is right for you, never worry as the steps below will guild you on how to come up with a perfect decision.
1. Assess Yourself: What are your values, strength, skills, interest and personality. A careful study of yourself will gradually expose those fields that are okay for you and those that are no go area. Make a random list of occupations that may interest you but before you do I will love that you read this powerful articles first - How to use self assessment and career tests to determine which occupation is best for you.
2. Mak…

Let's Talk: Legit Matta

Good Afternoon Hustlers, Friends, Family members, People, Pastors, Imams, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Lecturers, Managers, Senators, Police, Governors, Soldiers, Chairman, Chairmen, Ladies and Gentleman, The President, Christians, witches and wizards, Pagans, CEO and all Respective Human Entity that can read this. I once again say good afternoon.

One thing we all have in common is the fact that we found ourselves here at this same moment. Irrespective of our background, work ethics or skin colour, physical appearance or how large our bank accounts are, we are still in the same world.

Have you ever thought of what it will look like if something happens to the world? Who will be affected? and who will not be affected? Let's break it down a bit. What if the world was a ship and we do know that ship does sink if something bad happen to it's propellers or if water found its way into the ship uncontrollable. We have the Captains, crew members, engineers and safety personnel in place…

Konga - Leading E - Commerce Online Shop in Nigeria.

Konga is one of the leading frontier in the e - commerce sector in Nigeria. With over 700 workers, they combine IT and products to make online buying and selling fun.

Konga offers to sell large varieties of items online ranging from Electronics, Cloths & it's accessories, Grocery and Food. The online platform offers to deliver items bought to the address of the buyers known as home delivery.

They also offers a system of payment called pay on delivery which allows customers or buyers to pay for items bought only when it delivers to their address. They also offer return of defective items within 7 days which automatically qualifies for full refund. These are unique ways of showing trust to their customers. Buying from konga is easy and flexible using their website or through their app.

Steps on how to buy from Konga

1. Visit the app or the website and locate the items you want to buy either by navigating through categories or by searching product directly typing the name of the…

How To Make A Golden Pancake

Pancakes are delicious morning starter, easy and quick to prepare and always yummy no matter how the outcome. If you are one of those wondering how to make this special delicious breakfast meal, this will be one of the best HOW TO you have ever come across.

So, without wasting time, Let's dive right in. The secret to a yummy, less scrambled and delicious pancakes is in the process of preparation, the right ingredients and items used in preparing it. When I say items, I mean the kind of fry pan or heating system used.


1. 1 cup flour - 250 grams

2. 2 tsps baking powder

3. 2 tsps sugar

4. Pinch of salt

5. 3/4 cup milk - 180 ml

6. 1 egg (beaten)

7. 2 tbsps canola or vegetable oil

8. 2-3 tbsps butter (as a substitute for oil)

Items needed

1. 2 Mixing Bowls - Big and Small

2. Spatula or large flat Spoon

3. Hand Mixer Blender

4. A deep Spoon

5. Frying Pan - The nonstick Griddle or Skillet are recommended

6. Electric Cooker or Gas Cooker

The Mixing Process

Step 1: Mix all the d…

Ulesson - The Video Tutorial App - Ghana, Nigeria

Ulesson is another great app for learning, it is designed to assist Senior Secondary School - SSS prepare for their NECO, WAEC and JAMB exams.

The App is designed to cover four subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Tutorials are strictly in the form of videos.

How it Works

Registration is easy - Download the app from play store and install it. Register using your phone number and an SMS will be sent to your phone number. After SMS code confirmation, proceed to enter the necessary information like your name and other vital information then you are done.

The app allows you take some free topics but will require you to subscribe if you want to take other topics on a particular subject.

Ulesson is a great learning app. They have excellent teaching experts with great interactive skills and their video tutorial are very easy to understand and well explained with real life examples.

It is designed to consume less data and they also offer an internet dongle sent to their s…

10 Ways to Make Money Online

Have you ever been in a situation that promt you to ask yourself this question, how do I make money online? I have and I bet you too. Today you will learn 10 ways on how to make money online letimately. I hope you are ready? Let's go.

With the current situation hitting the world right now especially Nigeria, the thought of making money online has been lingering in the mind of many. And many wished if there were ways they can make money online. While I can gladly say there are ways you can make money online, I will also want you to know that it requires great effort of your time and your money in some cases. It require some know how and most time a computer skill to be able to qualify for or to be able do most of the opportunities online.

10 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Sell your written ebooks: This is a very lucrative business if you know what you are doing and does it well. You can write ebooks about what you know how to do best that will benefit and help others. You can sell eb…

How to Make Hand Sanitizer - Home made

As this pandemic deepens, the price of things has almost doubled and that includes the commercial hand sanitizers out there. This tutorial will will teach you HOW TO to make your own hand sanitizer. 

Please Note: Hand sanitizer does not replaces hand washing. Hand washing is still the most effective way to curb Covid - 19. Hand sanitizer is the second most approved method and in a few steps below you will be able to make your own hand sanitizer.

In other to achieve this, below are the list of ingredients you must have before you proceed. I understand some of the items may be hard to get but make effort that substitute items are also very effective.


1. 2/3 cup 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or 190-proof grain alcohol (Do not substitute other concentrations of alcohol.)

2. 1/3 cup pure aloe vera gel (preferably without additives)

3. 8 to 10 drops of essential oil, such as lavender, clove, cinnamon, or peppermint

4. Mixing bowl

5. Spoon

6. Funnel

7. Plastic container

Roducate: The Leading E - Learning Platform in Africa

Life without school can be really boring but life without opportunity is more boring. Roducate is offering school children from Primary 1 to SS3 the opportunity to come out of the boring situation this Pandemic has kept us. Roducate is an offline/Online app with a web version that contains all the learning resources they ever need.

Roducate operate with the government approved corriculum as endorsed by NERDC, NUC, JAMB, Lagos State Ministry of Education and the African Union. The platform boast of a large area of subject and not limited to just Maths and English but other subject like Data Processing and many more.

The E - Learning platform offers a simple and easy access to learning material to encourage easy learning. This is due to their simple to use platform. Which means both parents and students can blend well using Roducate. The platform offers different style of learning which can be in the form video, audio or podcast.

One special feature of Roducate, they allow schools to …

Google Read Along App Can Help Your Kids Improve Their Reading Skills

Due to the Covid - 19 Pandemic, many students are still at home as schools are yet to resume. This has prompt so many parents looking for an alternative ways to teach their children especially ways to improve their reading skills. Good news, Google has launched an app called Read Along by Google Mobile app that will do just that.

This is an interactive Android app designed to assist children 5+ years and above. It works by assisting them to read stories out loud and providing real feed back just as parents or a teacher would.

"Bolo" as it is called was first launched in India. It is now rebranded as "Read Along App made available to the world in over 180 countries and in 9 languages which includes English language.

How the app works

Read Along app maximises Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech to help kids learn to read and build their reading skills with the help of Diya, an in-app reading assistant that actively interact with the kids

Multiple profile can b…

Wizkid First Born Son turns 9 today.

African bad boy, Wizkid and his babymama, Shola have taken to social media to celebrate their son Bolu, who happen to be the famous singer first son. The other two sons are named Ayo and Zion. Ayo as the second and Zion as the third.

The mother of the kid was first to wish her baby boy Happy Birthday on her Twitter handle.

Online Diagnostic And Testing Kit Developed By 5 Nigerian Youths To Help Fight Coronavirus

5 Nigerian Youths have found a way to help tackle the ongoing Coronavirus global pandemic.

This team of Nigerian youths have come up with measure to help in the fight against Coronavirus. Their development is said to be a ground-breaking innovation and is palliative towards the fight against the notorious Coronavirus in the form of a digital diagnostic and tracking kit accessible via the official website
The website was created to help users find out whether or not they have been infected by the coronavirus from the comfort of their home. All users need to do is visit the platform, select the “Take Test” option which leads to series of questions to be answered and submitted, after which their COVID 19 risk factors, critical steps and necessary precautions to take will be assigned to them.

Advice self-isolate is given to users with high risk factors, alongside other precautions offered. If the user still feels some discomfort or a worse condition after observing …

Covid - 19: COVID - ORGANIC - Madagascar Remedy for Covid -19

Madagascar is the 2nd largest island country in the world located in East Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. Known for it amazing wildlife that is second to none in the world.

If you ask me right now what good can come out of madagascar? I will gladly answer Covid - Organic. As the world is currently battling the deadly Virus Covid-19, Madagascar has come up with two different portions nick named Covid - Organics. One prevents the virus and the second one cures - removed the virus.

As at may 10/05/2020 Chad joined the list of other African countries to request for Covid - Organics. The president of Chad sent a jet to Madagascar to pick up the portions. Other African countries in the list are shown below

Equatorial Guinea
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of the Congo

It is good to know that most of these deliveries to these countries are donations from Madagascar to help curb the spread of these deadly diseases. It will also int…

Nokia 9.3 PureView - The Beast is Reborn

Once upon a time, Nokia was a house hold brand in Nigeria. The likes of Nokia 3310, one of the most rugged phone back in the year 2002. If I am permitted to be a bit personal, I will gladly say that I am a Nokia fan. I rocked most of the express music Nokia phones with Java OS, the N and E series phones that uses the Symbian OS. E - Series phones came with a complete Querty keyboard allowing you to work in a more relax mode as if you are working with a laptop.
The Era of Java and Symbian OS are gone and we are now faced with the new Era of android OS. Considering the many other types of phone out there with Android OS, today, I want to introduce us to the Nokia 9.3 PureView. 
Termed as the beast, Nokia 9.3 PureView -  an upgrade of Nokia 9 PureView is a combination of smartness and quality. A phone capable of 8k video recording ability with enhanced pro and night mode recording is indeed no joke and it's the real deal. Its Penta (5 camera) system with a combination of 108 and 64 …

What are the benefits of sharing on social media?

The word 'social' here, can be liken to a group of people or a gathering. Media on the other hand, are the contents we communicate to, share with and receive from others in a gathering or in a group. So we can vividly say that a social media is a websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
Before we dive into the many benefits of sharing contents with others on social media, let's first touch some of the more important types of social media we have out there.
1. Social Networking Site: Examples are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc..
2. Bookmarking Sites: Examples are StumbledUpon and Pinterest.
3. Social News Sites: Examples are Digg and Reddit
4. Media Sharing Sites: Examples are YouTube known for video sharing and Pinterest known for image/picture sharing.
5. Micro blogging Sites: Examples are Facebook and Twitter.
6. Blogging/Forum sites: Example is Blogger by Google that allows users to create a blog …