Covid - 19: COVID - ORGANIC - Madagascar Remedy for Covid -19

Madagascar is the 2nd largest island country in the world located in East Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. Known for it amazing wildlife that is second to none in the world.

If you ask me right now what good can come out of madagascar? I will gladly answer Covid - Organic. As the world is currently battling the deadly Virus Covid-19, Madagascar has come up with two different portions nick named Covid - Organics. One prevents the virus and the second one cures - removed the virus.

As at may 10/05/2020 Chad joined the list of other African countries to request for Covid - Organics. The president of Chad sent a jet to Madagascar to pick up the portions. Other African countries in the list are shown below

Equatorial Guinea
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of the Congo

It is good to know that most of these deliveries to these countries are donations from Madagascar to help curb the spread of these deadly diseases. It will also interest us to know that as of the time of this post, the WHO & Africa CDC have cautioned against untested remedies.

The president of Tanzania stressed that some of the test kits sent to Africa are fake and hidden samples sent to the National lab all tested positive to Covid - 19. Samples include a bird, Pawpaw and a goat.

If other African countries take the steps towards a cure just as Madagascar did, it will be a win win situation for the entire world.

Thank you for time.

Source: African News


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