Google Read Along App Can Help Your Kids Improve Their Reading Skills

Due to the Covid - 19 Pandemic, many students are still at home as schools are yet to resume. This has prompt so many parents looking for an alternative ways to teach their children especially ways to improve their reading skills. Good news, Google has launched an app called Read Along by Google Mobile app that will do just that.

This is an interactive Android app designed to assist children 5+ years and above. It works by assisting them to read stories out loud and providing real feed back just as parents or a teacher would.

"Bolo" as it is called was first launched in India. It is now rebranded as "Read Along App made available to the world in over 180 countries and in 9 languages which includes English language.

How the app works

Read Along app maximises Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech to help kids learn to read and build their reading skills with the help of Diya, an in-app reading assistant that actively interact with the kids

Multiple profile can be created for readers who tap on their photo to learn at their own pace and to track their individual progress. Read Along will access their experience and activities by recommending the right difficulty level of stories and games based on their performance.

The app is designed to activate speech recognition technology which detects the voice of the child as he or she reads. It detect if a student is struggling or successfully reading the passage. In addition, kids can tap on Diya if they ever need help pronouncing a word.

Read Along engaged the mind of children with a collection of interesting stories from around the world, and games are spread into interesting stories. Kids get awarded with stars and badges to motivate and encourage them to learn more.

Safety and Connectivity of the App

Bolo was built with childrens’ safety and privacy in mind and completely free from ads. The app works offline after download, which means you can use the app without data or Wi-Fi. Parents can simply connect to Wi-Fi periodically to download additional stories.

The app is easy to use and does not require you to sign in. Everything is completely safe on your phone without saving to Google servers.

Download Read Along App By Google ( Bolo App)

Read Along mobile app is available to download for free on Android devices from the play store.

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