Let's Talk: Legit Matta

Good Afternoon Hustlers, Friends, Family members, People, Pastors, Imams, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Lecturers, Managers, Senators, Police, Governors, Soldiers, Chairman, Chairmen, Ladies and Gentleman, The President, Christians, witches and wizards, Pagans, CEO and all Respective Human Entity that can read this. I once again say good afternoon.

One thing we all have in common is the fact that we found ourselves here at this same moment. Irrespective of our background, work ethics or skin colour, physical appearance or how large our bank accounts are, we are still in the same world.

Have you ever thought of what it will look like if something happens to the world? Who will be affected? and who will not be affected? Let's break it down a bit. What if the world was a ship and we do know that ship does sink if something bad happen to it's propellers or if water found its way into the ship uncontrollable. We have the Captains, crew members, engineers and safety personnel in place to make sure not only the ship is healthy enough but most importantly everyone in the ship. The unguided action(s) of one crew member, the captain or the engineer can course the ship to sink and this will affect everyone on that ship.

Now let's liken this to our country, states, local governments areas, churches, institutions, companies and even our family. How well do we value these crew members? How well do the president value it's citizens - does he only see the numbers or the souls? How well does the governors see it's citizens of the states he was suppose to manage? How well does the pastor value it's members? Is it just the numbers or the soul?

What most of us don't really know or have refused to accept is the fact that our actions yield result that ends up either saving everyone or putting everyone at risk.

Considering the situation of Nigeria currently,
Do you actually believe there is a problem?
what do you suggest as a solution to these problems?

Let us know your thoughts and advice in the comments. Looking forward to it and have a blessed day ahead.


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    1. We have to first identify the problems. The problem of an organisation is traced to the head - Learnt this from a safety course and it's true.

    2. You are right. So what are the problems?


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