What are the benefits of sharing on social media?

The word 'social' here, can be liken to a group of people or a gathering. Media on the other hand, are the contents we communicate to, share with and receive from others in a gathering or in a group. So we can vividly say that a social media is a websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Before we dive into the many benefits of sharing contents with others on social media, let's first touch some of the more important types of social media we have out there.

1. Social Networking Site: Examples are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc..

2. Bookmarking Sites: Examples are StumbledUpon and Pinterest.

3. Social News Sites: Examples are Digg and Reddit

4. Media Sharing Sites: Examples are YouTube known for video sharing and Pinterest known for image/picture sharing.

5. Micro blogging Sites: Examples are Facebook and Twitter.

6. Blogging/Forum sites: Example is Blogger by Google that allows users to create a blog site. 

There are numerous ways we benefits by sharing our contents on social media and it's about time we dive into it.
1. LARGE AUDIENCE: with the appropriate tools in place we can quickly share our content to a large audience on social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A recent statistics shows that 68% of adult in US use Facebook and 73% use YouTube.
2. DIRECT CONNECTION: Social media sharing gives you direct connect with your users. They are able to give you real time feedback about your product and services and this will help you to improve where necessary.
3. FREEDOM TO SHARE YOUR CONTENT: when you share free contents that inspire your followers, they will keep referencing you to other people and potential brands
4. TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE/BUSINESS: Sharing on social media have a huge potential of driving traffic to your business or website. A few written words with your company link attach to it, posted to your company Facebook wall, could be all you need to be seen by your many followers on Facebook and Twitter.
5. BUILD YOUR BRAND: The kind of contents you post and the responses you get, will gradually assist you in building your brand presence. The more people get expose to your brand, the more they get used to it.
6. TO EVALUATE YOUR PERFORMANCE: Sharing on social media will help you to evaluate how you are performing in your business. What product or services your customers are requesting for more or which services require an improvement.
One can hardly do without social media presence in these modern world as its uses and benefits are endless. Whether for your business needs or personal use. With Social a media, " The World is in your Pocket"


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