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This is not a sponsored post but sure this could be more than a sponsored post. So I will employ you to pay close attention as it relates to you.

Have you found yourself in a very sweaty, messy and seems like never ending situation trying to balance your account? From the daily sales, purchases, expenses? Trying to accurately figure out those who bought items on credit and those who paid cash? 

Have you ever got confused trying to figure out the last time you made purchase of a particular products and now, that product is finished but you find it difficult to know when and how you sold them even to whom you sold them?

Are you suspecting foul play from your sales agents/boys/girls? You do but you don't know to catch them or pin point how they go about their act? 

If you ever felt some or all of the above listed sceneros you only owe the truth to yourself and if you are truthful I will tell you this. Those sceneros can bring negative impact to your business which can eventually over time if not checkmate can collapse your business. 

There was a reason the Calculator was invented. One major reason is to simply the way we carry out Calculations manually which are prone to errors. So the Calculator automate the process and shorten your thinking time.

But the Calculator is also limited to a certain number of task which are mainly addition, subtraction, multiplication and sometimes Percentage. 

To fully manage and automate your business no matter how big or small it is, it is highly recommended you get the automated business Calculator. The best name for this kind of Calculator is called Stock or Accounting Business management software. 

With such software, you can automate the process of your business. Wether you are selling or providing services. Be rest assured that with this software, you will get without sweat, your 

1. Profit and Loss Report at a glance
2. Daily sales report and their figures. These include 
I.  Credit sales
Ii. Cash sales - Bank Transfer/Card or Cheque
3. Purchases
4. Accurate inventory/Stock of all your products and their worth individually and altogether. 
5. Manage your customers. Which includes
I.  Get to know owing customers
II. Paying Customers
6. Manage your Suppliers
7. Manage your employees Payroll, Leaves and attendance/Clock in. 

There are some special software that does all of the above and even more which includes giving you the freedom to

1. Sell your product via their Point of Sale system with a custom Reciept for customers
2. Sell using multiple price group on one product - Wholesale price and Retails Price
3. Prevent theft from Sales Boys and Girls
4. Monitor your busines from anywhere in the world just with your phone and internet and still get the accurate reports even when you are not there. 

If you desire to take your business to the next level, there are some risk worth taking. 

Do not let the money you need to acquire these software become a hindrance. You are making the right and the best investment decision in safe guarding your business and automating the sales process which eventually will make things easier for you.

My name is Ese Paul Omaruaye - I have several experience with many of these software and I recommend one of the best

Proweb POS Busines Management Software

Proweb POS is a product of Proweb E Solutions. A Certified Software Development Company that provide internet and Business solutions for companies and Businesses.

Trusted by alot of happy users and companies. 

I am available to answer your questions on how to acquire and implement this software or if you have any questions of any kind as regard safe guarding your business with a software like this, do not hesitate to drop a comment or private chat me. 

WhatsApp: +234-813-289-5209


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